"Dilettante - A gripping web novel by Jin Soye, weaving a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and an unexpected alliance between two complex characters."

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Dilettante - A gripping web novel by Jin Soye, weaving a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and an unexpected alliance between two complex characters. Set in a modern-day backdrop, this story unfolds in the shadowy realms of danger and personal vendettas.

Information About Dilettante

  • Title: Dilettante
  • Alternative Title: 딜레탕트
  • Type: Web Novel
  • Language: Korean
  • Authors: Jin Soye | 진소예
  • Artist: Delta
  • Year: 2021
  • Original Publishers: RidiBooks | Spinel
  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Action | Adult | Drama | Romance | Smut
  • Related Series: Fair Trade (Prequel)

Synopsis of Dilettante

Giulio Parenti, who was deprived of his life by Yuri Petrov, was wounded in body and mind.

He meets Lee Ha-na, a dangerous woman who intentionally approaches him to save her younger brother, who is in danger due to his colleague's betrayal...


The man tilted his head and stared at her. To be precise, he stared at the muzzle and the black eyes beyond it.

"If you come any closer... I will kill you."


"Si, come no."

The man put his hand in his pocket and slowly made eye contact with one knee on the floor.

He brought his forehead to the aimed gun and gently grabbed her wrist.

She struggled to raise the corners of her mouth and quietly recited the man's name.

"Julio Parenti."

Giulio Parenti's voice, who was staring at her lips with narrowed eyes, was as cold as ice.

"Ho aspettato. La mia morte."

The breath she had held in slowly released.

He's a devil with the face of an angel.

Or was it a monster?

Backstory of Dilettante

The narrative in Dilettante delves into the intricate pasts of its main characters, Giulio and Lee Ha-na. Giulio's history, marred by the actions of Yuri Petrov, shapes his stoic and guarded demeanor, concealing both pain and a thirst for retribution. Meanwhile, Lee Ha-na, driven by a fierce determination to protect her brother, becomes entangled in a web of alliances and dangers she never anticipated. Their convergence, borne out of necessity, unearths layers of vulnerability and resilience, adding depth to their evolving dynamic.

Giulio's persona, oscillating between an angelic facade and a monstrous aura, leaves readers questioning the true nature of this enigmatic character. The intricate dance of past trauma, present dangers, and conflicting motivations forms a compelling backdrop against which their story unfolds, weaving a tapestry of suspense and emotion.

Review of Dilettante

Dilettante captivates with its deftly woven narrative, blending action, romance, and suspense. Jin Soye crafts a tale that entwines the readers in a web of intrigue from the outset, keeping them engaged with its dynamic characters and multifaceted storyline. The depth of emotional turmoil juxtaposed with the adrenaline-pumping action sequences creates a captivating rhythm throughout the narrative.

The characters, particularly Giulio and Lee Ha-na, are intricately developed, evoking empathy and fascination in equal measure. The author's portrayal of their vulnerabilities and strengths adds layers of realism to their personas, making their journey immersive and emotionally resonant. Delta's artistic contributions enhance the visual appeal of the story, complementing the rich narrative.

The pacing, though occasionally brisk, maintains a steady momentum, driving the story forward with unexpected twists and revelations. The blend of drama and romance, entwined with elements of suspense and danger, keeps the reader invested until the final chapter.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Is Dilettante Worth Reading?

Dilettante emerges as a compelling narrative for aficionados of action, drama, and intricate character dynamics. Jin Soye's adept storytelling, coupled with Delta's visual artistry, creates an immersive experience that lingers even after the final page. The complex interplay of emotions, secrets, and the allure of the unknown makes this novel a worthwhile journey for readers seeking a blend of suspenseful storytelling and nuanced character development. Whether you're drawn to intense action sequences or intrigued by characters navigating the shades of morality, Dilettante offers a gripping narrative that's definitely worth delving into.

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